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Our company has worked hard to produce artisan, 100% soy, triple scented candles. Not only are our candles so fragrant that you can smell them as soon as you enter a room, they are chic pieces of decor to add to your home.

We are currently in the trial and testing stages of new ranges including diffusers, bath/body products and essential oil rollers.

We have spent months trialing different ingredients and designs to find the perfect combination of aesthetics, quality ingredients and strong fragrance throw.

We use lead and zinc-free wicks in all of our candles that give a warm glow and carry the fragrance throughout the room more than standard wicks.

Our company uses pure soy wax and premium fragrances.

Lumiere Bazaar candles are hand poured in a small Melbourne kitchen, so no one candle top is exactly the same. Our focus is entirely on ensuring each and every one of our candles is made with only the highest quality ingredients.

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