Harvested from the depths of the Mediterranean and Aegean, our natural sea sponges are luxurious on the skin and 100% eco friendly. Sea sponges are the most natural and healthy way to cleanse and care for the skin. 


The Fine Silk Facial Sponge has a silky smooth texture, perfect for cleansing, and applying make -up and beauty products. 


As sea sponges don't hold mould or bacteria it won’t spread or cause any acne or blackheads.

BONUS - due to how pourous these sponges are, you need minimal product - meaning  your favourite products will go a lot further!


Ensure you slightly hydrate sponge before liquid application.


Unlike synthetic sponges, natural sea sponges don't retain odours and don't hold mould or mildew thanks to natural enzymes.


SIZE: 3.5cm - 5cm

    • Use with your favourite facial products (or just some water) in circular motions to help remove built up dead skin leaving you with a clean, bright and glowy complextion.
    • Due to it's super soft texture, be ready for a flawless finish when applying your make up with this sponge. Then get ready for a 5-star spa experience when its time to remove your make up as well!
    • Amazing for applying moisturisers, masks and serums. 
    • Hypoallergenic ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.
    • Effective for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
    • Organic and durable, sustainable and 100% biodegradable.

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